Students visualize
their future career
and educational goals
Students identify their
strengths and build
their self-confidence
Identify careers and colleges that match their values,
interests and abilities
Students learn to develop
sophisticated college
admissions essays
The Road to Success

Support for Students

I employ a holistic approach to move beyond test scores to illuminate the divergent dimensions of students and their successes as they encounter critical transitions in their lives.

Career Exploration and Action Plan

Career Exploration includes helping students discover how their passions and capabilities match specific careers, according to the American School Counselor Association. As a counselor, I focus on developing students’ growth mindset and self-awareness. Through occupational assessment and self-awareness activities, I help students engage in the following:

    1. Develop the research skills needed to locate and interpret career information.
    2. Write action steps in relation to their career and educational goals.
    3. Pursue or develop job readiness and/or academic courses that align with their goals.
    4. Obtain a 19-page Report that matches students’ interests with specific careers and learn about career motivators in relation to personal interests (Strong Interest Inventory)
    5. Obtain a college profile that specifies recommended college majors, internship areas, and work environments.
    6. Develop planning skills, including time management and organizational skills.

Moreover, I also employ informal socio-emotional assessments to help students identify how their attitudes and personal feelings affect their self-concept and progress. College planning involves facing changes. By helping students identify their strengths, I hope to increase their “perceived self-efficacy” or their belief that they can accomplish their goals. Throughout the process, I plan to guide them as they experience uncertainty. Student Success Workshops will address these areas.

Note. These standards and mindsets are drawn from the American School Counselor Association.

Career Preparation

Entails helping students identify how their personal preferences, interests, and abilities influence their college choices.

In terms of academic development, I aim to help students attain the academic preparation essential to choose from a variety of post-secondary options. Additionally, I guide students as they develop their education and career goals and generate a college list.

Together, the students and I prioritize colleges, work on essays, and work through college admissions-related decisions. With the goal of enhancing students’ career and college readiness, I will offer individualized sessions in the following areas:

  1. Researching summer pre-college programs, internship opportunities, courses, etc.
  2. Writing the common app, coalition app, scholarship essays, etc.
  3. Preparing for interviews and college visits.
  4. Developing resumes and writing cover letters.

All-in-all, students will increase their self-confidence as they learn how to plan, conduct research, and write effective cover letters and college application essays.

Financial Assistance is available for qualified families.

With over 10 years of experience, Mrs. Cozier is an expert and leading provider of career and college exploration and preparation processes and has a reputation for quality and integrity throughout San Diego county.

Student Testimonials

Mrs. Cozier was a great fit for our son. Her dedication and perseverance towards my son was beyond words. Our son’s success to get admission in his top choice college University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, is all because of Mrs. Cozier’s undivided attention and hard work.