The Road to Success

Student Journeys

Gaurav Chintamneedi

 – I am Chapman

Extracurricular Activities/Work Experience

I was team captain for the local San Diego Youth Cricket Team for five years. Another team that I play for is SCCA; won the National Youth Cricket League in the spring of 2017. I also ran for my High School’s Cross Country team during the fall season of 2016 and 2017.

I also ran track and did orchestra my freshman year. During my senior year of high school, I co-founded my school’s Politics Club and was also Secretary of our Club.

This past summer, I participated in Junior Adaptive Sports Camp, where I introduced the sport of cricket to the children with disabilities.


*Applied to 10 schools
– Chapman University
– Penn State
– Purdue University
– Syracuse University
– Arizona State
– Certificate of Academic Excellence in Principles of Biomedical Science and American Literature

Occupational Goal

Currently, I do not have a set goal for what I want to pursue. However, I do plan on going to Graduate School where I might learn Law. I’m also very interested in getting into the Business and PR side of things. Regardless of what I pursue however, I want to help others and leave an impact on the world.